Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top 5 Weirdest Theme Parks

Harmonyland (Japan): entirely devoted to Hello Kitty

When it comes to themed attractions and cuteness, Japan has it all. The crown princess of cute, of course, is Hello Kitty, and Japan has a entire theme park devoted to this magical feline: the outdoor Harmonyland, a one-and-a-half-hour flight away in Oita. Any Hello Kitty fan worth her hair bow favors Harmonyland, which has more pink fuzzies and sparkly rainbows per square foot than a Care Bear convention. The formula is basically to re-create the amusement-park standard bearers in the likeness of Sanrio characters—you've got your Hello Kitty spinning teacups, your Hello Kitty Ferris wheel, your Hello Kitty variant of "It's a Small World." But where Harmonyland really shines is in its parades and stage shows.

Suoi Tien Park (Vietnam): a buddhist park

Vietnam's Suoi Tien Park is a Buddhist-themed amusement park. In addition to a giant splash park and various thrill rides, the "amusement park" features Heaven Palace, the Park's vision of eternal life for people who manage to escape the torments of hell after years of gambling, adultery, and taking drugs. If hell isn't enough to scare you straight, the park also features "Bat cave with innumerable bats, and an air bike suspended over a crocodile farm.

Diggerland (England): a construction themed park

The British are so crazy for construction equipment that they have not one, not two, but four theme parks devoted to it. All of the Diggerland parks in England allow you to live out your Bob the Builder fantasies racing dump trucks and backhoes around massive lots of dirt (sure cuts down on the landscaping costs, doesn't it?). Sure, if you like rides made from converted bits of heavy machinery, like the Spindizzy, a modified Tilt-a-Whirl in which guests sit in the bucket of a giant excavator. And don't forget the Dancing Diggers, a stunt show performed in a front-end loader. At break time, head to Dig Inn (get it?) for burgers.

Dickens World (England): featuring the dark side of the industrial revolution

Charles Dickens drab portrayals of the United Kingdom during the industrial revolution come to life at Dickens World, resembling a Tim Burton movie set. Located in Chatham Dockyard in Kent, the English amusement park is filled with the lovely memories of disease, pestilence, dysentery, the elite world of Victorian England and, just for a rollicking good time, starving orphans. They even have a log flume based on Great Expectations.

Ferrari World (Abu Dhabi): a high tech park inspired in Ferrarris

Located just across from Iran, the nearly-completed Ferrari World Theme Park sits on Abu Dhabi's largest natural island. It's a "high-tech" theme park featuring simulator rides, roller coasters, an interactive museum and a theatre with an Italian-themed play and a race track, as part of the $40 billion dollar transformation into one of the world's premier luxury tourist destinations. Work only began on the 4,200 acre facility in November, 2007, but as things have a way of doing in the UAE, work is progressing incredibly rapidly. Ferrari World is scheduled for completion this November. An amazing process from Sarlacc pit-like sand trap to prancing stallion princess castle!


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