Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Top 5 Most Unusual Stadiums

World Games Stadium – Taiwan

Taiwan has what is being touted as the largest solar-powered stadium in the world, the 'World Games Stadium'. It comes with massive and gigantic solar panels which harnesses all the solar energy in order to generate electricity that could be used by the stadium. It has a 14,155 square meter roof and it harnesses about 1.4 gigawatt hours of electricity every year. The coolest part of the stadium is that when the stadium is not being used, 80% of the neighborhood around the stadium can also be powered through the electricity generated by the stadium on days when it is not being used.

Allianz Arena – Germany

The Allianz Arena is located in the north of Munich, Germany, and it is home to the Bayern Munich and to TSV 1860 München. With a capacity of 69,901 spectators, this is the first stadium in the world that has a full changing color outside. It is lit up in red when Bayern Munich play, in blue when 1860 Munich play and in white when in use by the German National Team. (thanks, Tim).

Estadio Municipal de Aveiro – Portugal

Estádio Municipal de Aveiro is a football stadium in Aveiro, Portugal. It was designed for the UEFA Euro 2004 by the Portuguese architect Tomás Taveira. It has an ambitious design that combines a simple and endearing shape with a liveliness of colours of every kind throughout the entire stadium. The seats have different colours and are distributed in a random way. Red, green, yellow, blue, white, and black seats offer an original and chromatic animation and a strong feeling of dynamism and cheerfulness - even when the stadium is empty it looks as if the party has already started!

Marina Bay Floating Stadium – Singapore

The Float at Marina Bay, also known as Marina Bay Floating Platform, it's the world's largest floating stage. It is located on the waters of the Marina Reservoir, in Marina Bay, Singapore. Made entirely of steel, the floating platform on Marina Bay measures 120 metres long and 83 metres wide, which is 5% larger than the soccer field at the National Stadium. The platform can bear up to 1,070 tonnes, equivalent to the total weight of 9,000 people, 200 tonnes of stage props and three 30-tonne military vehicles. The gallery at the stadium has a seating capacity of 30,000 people.

Fujieda City Stadium - Japan

The Fujieda City Stadium accommodates 13,000 spectators, for either watching soccer games or having a picnic. Instead of using concrete steps designers created two terraces with grass, where you can sit back and watch the match.

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